Mobile Home Roofing

For mobile home owners there are two options we recommend if you want to repair or improve your roof: if you have the right pitch on your mobile home roof we can do a shingle install or we can use a great rubber coating.

Below is some info on the rubber coating and its benefits:

RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating

RC 2000 is a unique, solvent-based rubber roof coating that provides extremely effective protection. It is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces. Its high durability reduces costly patching and expensive re-applications. RC 2000 has excellent corrosion resistance and long-term ultraviolet protection

Benefits of RC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating:

Energy Star: RC 2000 White is an Energy Star qualified product with 82% Solar reflectance for dramatically reduced roof temperatures.

Thermally stable; resists cracking and peeling due to its high tolerance of hot and cold weather extremes.

Seals and waterproofs: RC-2000 develops early water resistance, eliminating potential wash-off problems.

RC-2000 features 1,500 PSI tensile strength and 500% elongation

Superior weatherability: high ozone and ultraviolet resistance results in increased longevity.

Fire resistant; RC-2000 features a Class A fire rating.

One component product that can be sprayed, rolled or brushed.

Extended Application Season: Work can be performed even during colder months.

Available in 12 standard colors, including white, beige and gray. Custom colors available with 100 gallon minimum order.

Resists acids, alkali and salts.